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As you get older, almost everyone gets some form of arthritis, most commonly it's the wear-and-tear type of arthritis know as osteoarthritis.

That means you're not alone—and are far from it. If you want to find strength in numbers, visit to contact the arthritis foundation in your area for support-group recommendations.


The Arthritis Myth

When it comes to arthritis I have lost count of the number of patients who have succumb to the incorrect belief that they have to live with their joint pain and stiffness.

While a healthy diet and healthy weight along with regular exercise can help reduce the pain from arthritis, the fact is that many people with significant amount of wear and tear in their joints and appear to have a less than healthy lifestyle can be in little to no pain.  That’s not to say don’t work on improving your health, as this will no doubt help all area's of your life, but there is more to the pain suffered from arthritis than the wear and tear to our joints alone.


Trigger Point Therapy and Arthritis

When a joint is sore and inflamed, the muscles and connective tissue surrounding a joint invariable are also tight and inflamed.  This sets up a cycle where the tight muscles pull and compress the joint irritating the joint and then further irritating the surrounding muscles.

So what came first the tight muscle compressing and irritating the joint, eventually leading to wear & tear in the joint or the wear & tear in the joint causing the surrounding muscle to become tight and irritated?

The good news, for the majority of osteoarthritis sufferers, is that it doesn't matter.  Releasing trigger points that have developed in tight irritated muscles surrounding an arthritic joint almost always takes pressure of the joint, quite often leading to significant pain reduction.


At Illawarra Trigger Point Therapy Centre, releasing tight muscles that harbour trigger points is our specialty and can lead to a significantly increased quality of life for many arthritis sufferers.

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