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DIY Trigger Point Workshops

At Illawarra Trigger Point Therapy centre we also offer private and small group Self Trigger Point Workshops tailored to your specific needs/condition.

This is both empowering and cost saving, reducing the need for therapy and gaining some control over your condition.

Knowing that you can apply simple and safe techniques to relieve pain and improve function can really help improve  quality of life.

For those with long term chronic pain, self trigger point release can give you some much needed pain relief and may reduce degenerative changes that can be a result of chronically tight & inflamed muscles.

Best of all, most  Trigger Point Applicators are small and portable, so you can gain relief while at  work or even on holidays!




Workshop Length

Most workshops are 1 hour duration when covering a single condition or body region.


Workshop Content

A small amount of time will be spent covering how trigger points work and the best way to release them.

Then we will take you through a simple sequence of self trigger point release techniques.


Who Can Attend

Anyone who has chronic, long term or re-occurring musculoskeletal pain.  It is also a great addition to any athletes training schedule and can be tailored to specific sports.


This can include:

General neck and shoulder postural pain - all you desk job people


Golfer or Tennis elbow


Lower back pain, including sciatica

Headache pain, including migraines

Chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions

Pain from spinal disc injuries




1 Hour Private workshop                                                   $100.00

1 Hour Semi-Private, (up to 3 people)                         $45.00 Each

Prices do not include purchase of trigger point applicators or other equipment.


Note:  Any pre-existing condition or new injury should always by cleared by your doctor prior to enrolling.

Trigger Point Workshop equiptment

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