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Occupational Injuries

Trigger Point Therapy is  extremely effective in treating both acute and chronic workplace injuries.

These can take the form of mechanical trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, bending, twisting, lifting accident, repetitive strain or RSI.

Increasingly we are now seeing the repercussions of a shift to more sedentary type roles, with long periods in static postures putting a tremendous strain on postural muscles, bones and joints.   As we hold these postures our muscles eventually fatigue and shorten or develop stretch weaknesses, both resulting in the formation of Trigger Points and the ensuing pain and dysfunction.   Headaches, back and neck pain, shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist pain often result.

At Illawarra Trigger Point Therapy centre we pin-point the exact Trigger Points involved and follow a comprehensive rehabilitation program (if needed), to Release any Trigger Points and other pathologies within the muscles and connective tissue , gently Release & Restore joint function, suggest core strengthening and other Resistive exercises and stretches and apply movement R-education techniques.

We call this the  four R's to rehabilitation.


R  - Release  Trigger Points and other soft tissue restrictions/contractures

R - Regain normal joint range

R - Resistive & Rehabilitative Exercises

R - Re-education


Also refer to our Treatment Rational section - (hyperlink)

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