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Sports Injuries

Trigger Point Dry needling is a relatively new and modern approach to sports injury treatment. Backed by numerous studies, it is a extremely effected method of treating both acute and chronic sports injuries. It is a western scientific approach to intra-muscular stimulation via acupuncture needles. Widely practiced and accepted in Europe and other Countries. Illawarra Trigger Point Therapy Centre is the first centre in the Illawarra to specialize in this extremely effective form of therapy.


•Strains & Sprains


•Plantar Fasciitis

•Compartment Syndrome

•Shin Splints

•Runners & Jumpers Knee

•Tennis & Golfers Elbow

•Rotator Cuff Injuries

•Piriformis Syndrome

•Contusions “corks”

•Post Operative Rehabilitation

•All Forms of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries pain Illawarra Trigger Point Therapy

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