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This website has a great symptom finder which you click the region either on the front or back views of the animated person. The will take you to a pictorial list of Trigger Points which are associated with the region of the body you clicked. Simply click on the Trigger Point picture which matches closest to the symptoms you have and you will be given a more detailed explanation. Remember it is very likely that that you have more than one trigger point associated with your condition. The thing I really like about this website is that you can access a print version to give to your GP or other health professional, as most will know very little about Trigger Points.

This website also has a great symptom checker, it is however quite technical, so if you are not familiar with medical terminology it may be very hard to understand, worth a look though!

The symptom index on this website is a little different as it shows a list of conditions rather than a selectable body region. Click on one of the conditions and it will provide you with some very good information in easy to understand terminology. It will not always provide you with pictures of diagrams, as the purpose of the site is to promote Clair Davie's very good, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.

Another great animated chart, what I like about Trigger Point Maps is that it proves a list of Trigger Points which refer pain to the area you have selected. This is imported as there is often more than one active trigger point involved.

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